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My experience with Natural ‘Handmade Soaps’

30 Sep

Well, being a guy this is not an easy topic to write about. It’s getting personal now 😉 and a lot of intricate details are being shared. You’ll know as you read.. lol.

But aren’t a lot of men getting conscious about their skin. Also refer to the comment on my earlier post in which my friend was mentioning about what kind of soaps can suit his skin type. Goes to show that more & more men are getting savvy about beauty.

The mere look of a handmade soap doesn’t look too finished, but its about the contents or the ingredients here. Referring to my experience with handmade soaps I tried the AuraVedic- Olive & Rose soap first. I used it about a week (till it got exhausted). I’m not exaggerating here, but the way my face has glowed in that one week has been amazing. I have never had this kind of a shine or felt this kind of softness on my face before. And it might sound funny being a guy, but I had been touching my cheeks every now & then to feel the softness (I hope none of my colleagues noticed it).

After this I tried the Sandalwood natural soap of Fab India. Trust my skin had already reached a maturity level by the end of the week that it did not show any great signs of difference post using this soap.

Now, that I’ve got back to the regular soap I really feel the difference. Seems like I’m rough & dirty again.

I’m definitely going in for more varieties of natural soaps & looking forward to the weekend to buy these. With the kind of experimental nature that I have I would most certainly try our different flavors but the Rose & Olive natural soap from Aura vedic is definitely a must-have on my shopping list. I’m in love with it just the way it seems to have been in love with my skin, that it got treated so very well.

(Chubby) glowing cheeks!!


–      Deepak Gandhi


..and my 2nd purchase of Natural and Organic products

17 Sep

It’s a good start to the weekend. Good because I get to share my second blog post on the same day, which means that I’m relatively free from my very hectic schedule and this is so unlike me.

So, here I am, at a Café Coffee Day outlet, sipping a (supposedly) hot Chococcino. Recollecting that around the same time last weekend when I happened to be at a suburban mall of Mumbai, I happened to visit a couple of Natural & Organic stores as this subject has really started exciting me.

I had been hearing about hand-made soaps from sometime but the very fact that they are ‘hand-made’ used to make me wonder:

who’s hands?, would they be clean?, etc. etc.

I ventured into a small outlet of a brand called Aura Vedic ( and was amazed with the varieties of handmade soaps they had (not to mention other varieties of natural or organic stuff). It initially felt weird to be standing there checking out soaps, coz I have never done ‘soap shopping’ before, lol!!  From the varieties they had, I shortlisted a couple of them  and finally bought a ‘Rose and Olive’ handmade soap. It definitely seemed expensive as compared to the regular soaps that are available but I definitely thought it was worth trying out to know what the deal is all about.

The very same day I happened to go to Fab India ( I had heard that they too house some natural and organic products. Whilst a major chunk of people come to Fab India to buy apparels (which they are best known for) I was keen on exploring the very quiet section which housed some natural and organic products. There were some food items, a huge collection of hand-made soaps, etc. I didn’t mind buying one more hand-made soap, this time it was sandalwood flavor. There were some interesting things which I could not resist buying- a guava jelly and a pack of natural tomato soup.


More on my experience with these products later 🙂

–      Deepak Gandhi

My first Natural / Organic product purchase

17 Sep

Though its been a while that I did my very first Natural or Organic purchase, I have just about now got time to talk about it.

I happened to notice this gorgeous, clean & very inviting store ‘The Rebirth Store at the Growels Mall in Kandivli E ( Btw, The Rebirth Store is a Yash Birla Group venture.

The store manager was friendly and helped me understand the vast range of natural and organic products that his store had. I didn’t want to experiment too much then and I wanted to buy something which was easy on my pocket. I went in for a pack of Natural Diet Snacks (can’t recollect the name now but it as some biscuit with strawberry cream filling in between-YUMM!!)

– Deepak Gandhi

My introduction to the world of Natural & Organic

12 Sep

Whilst I have been hearing about this on & off, I was formally introduced to the concept of ‘Natural & Organic’ Foods by a friend of mine, a few weeks back.

And I was so amazed by this concept that I took my mom to the nearest store that very evening hoping that the next set of pulses, spices etc. which come home would be chemical free. But, my mom was not sold to the concept.

I thought I will wait for the right time to convince her, or to get myself convinced that such products are not worth it. More later.. 🙂


– Deepak Gandhi