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‘Chant’ Natural / Hand-made Jasmine Mood Aroma Bar.

30 Oct
Jasmine is one of the most exquisite essential aromatherapy
oils whose fragrance is calming, warm & uplifting.
Hence, I did not have any second thoughts before buying
Birla Wellness (Rebirth's) Chant Natural / Handmade
Jasmine soap. Glad to have used one.
It's faint fragrance is good enough to lift up your mood
the moment you open your bathroom door.
Well, let me not talk about 'moods' in the bathroom ;)

Jasmine Aroma Bar from Rebirth, Birla Wellness

PS: I have been using a LOT of these Natural products but 
have very little time to write about these. I have received
a good response to my previous blogs- thanks all for making
me feel that I'm not aĀ bad writer :)

This leaves me with a responsibility- to keep this updated
on a regular basis & I will try best to do that.

Deepak Gandhi

The Gorgeous & so very vibrant handmade soap!

22 Oct

Hello people šŸ™‚

Here’s Ā a snapshot of one of the hand-made / natural soap I used quite sometime back. Since then I have tried & tested a few others as well & I will write about them as I get time. To be very honest, I had been using natural / hand-made soap only for my face earlier (cost factor) but by now, I’m clearly ADDICTED. I could not fill in my stock of handmade soaps last week, and trust me I just didn’t feel like going back to the regular CHEMICAL based soap. I had a choice either to skip shower or to use a chemical based soap but obviously I chose the latter. Glad thatĀ I could manage to get my quota of hand-made soaps which would fill me up for a couple of weeks. Will write about them all.

But for today the hero is this gorgeous and extremely colorful Tangy Apple hand-made soap from The Rebirth Store (A Birla Wellness Product).

Green Apple rejuvinates dry skin and replenishes it with essential moisture and nutrients. Aloe Vera provides shine and a natural glow. And its attractive look will make you fall for it. Go, check it out!!

I’m travelling and @ Gurgaon right now- have made sure I carry hand-made / natural soap with me whenever I’m outstation.

See you around!

Deepak Gandhi


Ordinary (Endosulfan led) vs Organic Cashewnuts

9 Oct

Cashew nuts are delicious snacks which most of us like, either raw or in the form of sweets, desserts, milkshakes etc.Ā Weā€™ve been hearing about ā€˜Organic Cashewnutsā€™ and some of you might have even tried it. I decided to gauge the difference between ordinary & organic cashews myself and in course came across Ecoricoā€™s Organic Cashewnuts.

On the attractive & vibrant metal tin of Ecoricoā€™s organic cashews I noticed the term, ā€œFree fromĀ Ā Endosulfanā€. This made me curious to know in depth about Endosulfan. I was shocked with the results that appeared on Google. I learnt that Endosulfan is an extremely harmful agro-chemical. ItĀ is a chlorinated insecticide that is chemically similar to DDT & it is used for cashew plantations, besides being used on vegetables, cotton, apples etc. Endosulfan is a fatal pesticide which causes reproductive and developmental damages in both animals and humans. MentalĀ retardedness, infertility and cancer are some abnormalities caused by this poisonous chemical.Ā It makes me panic when I realize that so much of this poisonous chemical has already gone into my system, and Iā€™m sure many others out there are in the same boat.Ā To learn more about Endosulfan please checkĀ

Whilst the Organic cashews claim to be free from such harmful chemicals, the taste is also a selection criteria. I figured out a simple & effective way to judge the taste difference by having both organic and regular cashews at the same time.Ā I ate a few of the regular cashews and then hadĀ Ecoricoā€™sĀ Organic Cashews. After repeating this a couple of times I realized that the peculiar taste that regular / ordinary cashews have is not present in Ecoricoā€™sĀ Organic Cashews. And I guess that peculiar taste is the culprit. Besides having a very soft texture Ecoricoā€™s Organic cashews have a slight sweetness as compared to regular cashews. I enjoyed its unique taste. And since I am a fan of cashew nut, IĀ findĀ Ecoricoā€™sĀ Organic Cashews very scrumptious.Ā You will have to try it to know the difference.

So, wont it be a wise decision to switch to Organic cashew nuts, going forward? Ā Infact, this festive season what better an idea could it be than gifting our loved ones healthy and poison-free dry fruits.


– Deepak Gandhi

Fabindia Organics Tomato Instant Soup Powder

6 Oct

So today being a holiday (Dassera) I was in the mood to have something light for lunch. What better than to have organic tomato soup. I laid my hand on a packet of Fabindiaā€™s Organic Tomato Instant Soup Powder which I had purchased a few days ago.

When I opened the sachet I noticed that the color of the powder was pinkish, unlike ordinary soups. Cooking process is the same as cooking any ordinary soup. I emptied the sachet into water and the moment I started stirring it, it gave me a very lovely beetrootish color. And is that not a beautiful, rich color? Normal tomato soups usually have added color (red) which is pretty bad for health. For those who like their soups thick might need to add on a bit of corn flour to get that thick consistency. Over all it looked good and tasted good too.

The ingredients of the Fabindiaā€™s Organic Tomato Instant Soup Powder are tomato powder, vegetable powder, coriander leaves, lemon, garlic, onion, ginger, corn flour, vegetable oil, malt dextrin, milk solids, natural fruit acid, black pepper, white pepper, salt, sugar, natural vegetable colour, cloves, and spices. Some really nice organic ingredients there. And of course a very light meal too šŸ™‚


-Deepak Gandhi


Farmer’s Market, Season 3: Day 1- October 2nd

5 Oct