Fabindia Organics Tomato Instant Soup Powder

6 Oct

So today being a holiday (Dassera) I was in the mood to have something light for lunch. What better than to have organic tomato soup. I laid my hand on a packet of Fabindia’s Organic Tomato Instant Soup Powder which I had purchased a few days ago.

When I opened the sachet I noticed that the color of the powder was pinkish, unlike ordinary soups. Cooking process is the same as cooking any ordinary soup. I emptied the sachet into water and the moment I started stirring it, it gave me a very lovely beetrootish color. And is that not a beautiful, rich color? Normal tomato soups usually have added color (red) which is pretty bad for health. For those who like their soups thick might need to add on a bit of corn flour to get that thick consistency. Over all it looked good and tasted good too.

The ingredients of the Fabindia’s Organic Tomato Instant Soup Powder are tomato powder, vegetable powder, coriander leaves, lemon, garlic, onion, ginger, corn flour, vegetable oil, malt dextrin, milk solids, natural fruit acid, black pepper, white pepper, salt, sugar, natural vegetable colour, cloves, and spices. Some really nice organic ingredients there. And of course a very light meal too 🙂


-Deepak Gandhi



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