The Gorgeous & so very vibrant handmade soap!

22 Oct

Hello people 🙂

Here’s  a snapshot of one of the hand-made / natural soap I used quite sometime back. Since then I have tried & tested a few others as well & I will write about them as I get time. To be very honest, I had been using natural / hand-made soap only for my face earlier (cost factor) but by now, I’m clearly ADDICTED. I could not fill in my stock of handmade soaps last week, and trust me I just didn’t feel like going back to the regular CHEMICAL based soap. I had a choice either to skip shower or to use a chemical based soap but obviously I chose the latter. Glad that I could manage to get my quota of hand-made soaps which would fill me up for a couple of weeks. Will write about them all.

But for today the hero is this gorgeous and extremely colorful Tangy Apple hand-made soap from The Rebirth Store (A Birla Wellness Product).

Green Apple rejuvinates dry skin and replenishes it with essential moisture and nutrients. Aloe Vera provides shine and a natural glow. And its attractive look will make you fall for it. Go, check it out!!

I’m travelling and @ Gurgaon right now- have made sure I carry hand-made / natural soap with me whenever I’m outstation.

See you around!

Deepak Gandhi



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