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Positive energy in food

28 Mar

Positive energy in food.


Positive energy in food

28 Mar

Hi everyone,

I had an interesting conversation today evening with one of my friends from the Organic industry & I thought I must share this.

It seems there are some organisations / individuals / farmer’s who believe in “seeking permission” from the crops / plants before harvesting them. Meaning, they do some sort of a pooja to seek permission & grant them the food offerings. Such section of the society doesnt believe in randomly cutting these off the plants / trees as they believe it may pass negative energy in the food. The food derived in the former manner hence is rich in positive energy.

This was surprising for me to know, I’m sure many of you will also be amazed. Couldn’t have not shared it.

More later 🙂



Announcing the Launch of

25 Mar

Dear All,

Finally, I announced the launch of this eCommerce portal today morning @ The Farmer’s Market. I would like to thank each one of you for your patience. It has been a tough road- getting the portal structure in place, getting the right brands that justify our existence, values & ethics, setting up the team, managing operations / logistics etc.

What better way to start the action than to  have the since launched by my parents early morning, just before rushing to the Farmer’s Market. Once at the market, the anxiety, excitement & everything else started easing out upon seeing the friendly faces. Thanks to Kavita Mukhi for the support & courtesy extended & the other colleagues who had their tables around.

Glad with the response of the visitors and the great show by Team NaturalKart.

The work has ‘just begun’ 🙂 Now is the time for some real action.


Safe Holi!!

8 Mar

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone’s having a safe Holi. Here are some tips to get rid of your Holi colors:


a) Don’t wash your face again and again. It will make your face dry.

b) Don’t use hot water to remove colors. It has a tendency to make the color fast.

c) Dont’ rub your skin with anything rough, this will make your skin itch.

d) Do not bleach or get a facial done for atleast a week.

e) Avoid swimming for a couple of days, the chlorine in water might react on your skin.


a) Use cold water to remove the colors.
b) Use any of the below to remove colors:
coconut oil using cotton
rubing lemon wedges gently and then applying a mixture of wheat flour and oil
applying soaked amchur powder
c) Apply moisturiser to the entire body immediately after a bath.

Hope the above helps.