The Oily Skin Contest

30 Oct



Our favorite actors & models have a perfect matte complexion, but is that the case in real life? Well, not everyone is that lucky.


Oily skin & its negative effects

The most obvious negative effect of oily skin is that it is unattractive. Oily skin can lead to acne that could at times be severe. Oily skin is caused by excess sebum and sometimes the sebum clogs the pores of our skin and traps dirt & bacteria, which leads to acne. People with oily skin may find it difficult to keep their skin clean and wearing makeup is sometimes not possible because the oiliness of the skin tends to smear it up.
We bring to you a quick-fix solution to this problem. With a 100% Natural product which is exclusively going to be launched, for the first time, on

But before that can we play a little?

Take a guess at what this product is. Is it talc, a spray, an ointment or something else? If you guess the answer right there is a kool discount you get to win. The participants don’t go empty handed either*.


The offer:

10% off to all participants

50% off (yes, fifty percent off) on to all the correct entries


So, take as many guesses as you can. There is no limit to the entries per person.


* Max discount per person per product is 50%

* Entries close on 1st November at 00:00 hours IST


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