100% Natural Wood Watches for Women & Men

2 Nov

Hi All 🙂 🙂

A big smile today!! Well, the reason is good enough.

Happy to announce the launch of a super cool collection of watches for Women & Men- the WeWood collection.

These are watches that are completely absent of artificial or toxic material. Meaning they are eco-friendly, they are 100% Natural. Amazing for a category like a watch, isn’t it?

WeWood fashion watches are as natural and kind as the wrist that carries it. These watches breathes the same air we breathe, respects our skin as we respect nature by supporting sophisticated sustainability. The perfect natural mate, the eco cool watches of WeWood tell a story that becomes yours to wear, smell and feel. The watches are made in Italy. For every watch purchased, there is a tree which gets planted.

At Naturalkart.com we are glad to offer a flat 30% introductory discount on these watches, for the first 100 buyers.

I’ve decided which one I’m getting for myself. Grab yours’ before the discount period ends, i.e 15th November.

Trust you all will like this product range. With your love & support we plan to bring more such amazing products to you, on your very own one-stop-platform http://www.naturalkart.com.

Deepak Gandhi


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