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Organic Brownies

18 Nov

Dear All,

Hope you all had a safe & smoke-free Diwali.

Over the free last weekend I decided to try out something new, a dessert which I’ve never tried my hands before at.


Here’s the recipe just in case you want to try it out.

Organic Barley Flour
Organic Cashews
Organic Cardamom
Organic Coffee
Organic Raisins
Organic Jaggery Powder
Organic Honey
Shredded Coconut
Rock Salt (to taste)
Banana & Milk (these were missing from my ingredient list due to which the stickiness was missing)

I pounded elaichi (cardamom) and cashews till the time the cashews turned into almost fine powder. In a separate big bowl I put the organic barley atta, added organic jaggery powder (which is a good substitute for sugar) & a dash of organic coffee and mixed it thoroughly. I then added loads of honey, melted butter, shredded coconut and mixed them thoroughly (mixing with hand works best here, I believe). I would have loved to add some mashed bananas & milk here for it to become a thick paste but I didn’t have these handy. You could use egg as well to help this become a consistent thick paste.

On a buttered tray I poured the entire contents & added organic raisins before evening it out. I then put this in oven and baked this for a good 30-45 mins. Once out of the oven, it needed a while to cool down. But I couldn’t resist & ended up having a huge big hot slab of it, before allowing it to cool down. It was YUMM!!! ┬áIm a big foodie and my own biggest critic. The outcome really had to be GOOD for me to post this article.

Here’s a pic. I’m gonna make some more tomorrow & this time around try adding banana & milk, hoping that it will be better than this one.

Try it!! There’s no chance anything could go wrong. After all, even I could make it.

Organic Barley Flour Brownie

Organic Brownies