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Do U Speak Green ?

24 Nov

Well, the ones who ‘speak green’ would certainly be knowing about Organic Clothing. Organic clothing in India is a phenomenon which has been around since long and is now gaining popularity. Do U Speak Green is a brand which advocates this concept. The USP of Douspeakgreen products is the combination of the eco friendly fabrics & the wonderful designs.  Let us see how this brand has got built over a period of time. Excerpts from an interview with Mr. Shishir Goenka, CEO, Fusion Clothing.

Shishir Goenka, 47, has done a Management Education Program (MEP) equivalent to a condensed MBA from IIM – A. Shishir has been interested in wildlife & nature from a young age & he is also into wildlife photography. He loves visiting the National parks of India with Bharatpur being his favourite. Shishir also happens to have tried his hands in painings, with Wildlife & Nature as the theme. Now, that’s what we call a multi-talented personality.

We asked Shishir where the idea for launching an organic garment brand by the name of Do U Speak Green hit him, to which he said, “Organic cotton has anti static & anti bacterial properties and it is incredibly soft. Bamboo fabrics have natural wicking properties, like Dri fit of Nike. Our inspiration for ‘Do U Speak Green’ came from the fact that there was an absence of Organic Clothing in India and the absence of smart clothing for nature lovers. I have a passion for Wildlife & helping preserve our Natural Environment hence the decision to contribute 10 % of sales for the environment.” This is certainly a very noble cause. There must have been several obstacles & risks Shishir and his brand must have faced in the early days. Upon asking Shishir about it, he said, “Risks & obstacles are that in India online sales of clothing is still to pick up & not many people are aware of the need for organic clothing. We have attempted our best to educate masses. A video on our webstore shows how the cultivation of conventional cotton is killing farmers. They do not have protection from pesticides & also the soil & environment is getting damaged.”

It is truly important to get the masses educated on the importance of using organic over conventional. Not many are aware of the advantages of organic clothing or the disadvantages of conventional clothing, even though the responses are positive & motivating. “Do U Speak Green is targeting all citizens who care for their own & their children’s future.” He adds, “It is our mission to contribute to the betterment of our natural environment with the help of our citizens. When someone buys our products, not only do they sport clothes which are free from harmful chemicals, but are also contributing to the environment in 3 ways. They are encouraging the growth of organic cotton which helps keep the land free of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. The amount is directly contributed by our company  to BNHS which will help them undertake more conservation activities. And last but not the least they are indirectly helping the farmers in higher realizations of money & keeping them healthy & debt free.” Now isn’t that something to really be proud of? Do U Speak Green happens to be one of the brands in the country today, which ‘really cares’.

Do U Speak Green products are available at www.naturalkart.com