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The Farmers’ Market Returns..

8 Oct

First day @ The Farmer’s Market Season IV

Finally!! After 6 months, The Farmers’ Market opened up once again to its loving audience. This happens to be Season IV which looks to be bigger & even better than the previous ones.

The venue was simply fantabulous. Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP), situated in the centre of the city comes across as a breath of fresh air. MNP is said to be the Green Lung of Mumbai. And what better could it get for the people who believe in the concept of ‘Green’.

The Farmers’ Market which is a great initiative by Kavita Mukhi, will happen on all Sundays from October 7, 2012 to March 24, 2013 (except December 30). This time around it will happen in 3 locations, including MNP.

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The Eye Opener

30 Jun

Hi Friends,

Last Sunday’s eposide of Satyamev Jayate on the harmful effects of pesticide infested food has been an eye opener for many. Thanks to Aamir Khan and the entire team of Satyamev Jayate for spreading this awareness.

I have been getting several calls since the show and I can see that many people have gone into a state of shock. One of the calls that I got was about this young lady who mentioned that she could not sleep a wink that night and she was just looking at her kid thinking what kind of toxic food she has been feeding him all this while.

The show threw a lot of light on several important aspects like the toxic endosulfan infested milk which mother’s feed to their new born, how some farmer’s keep a seperate piece of land for producing organic food for their own family whilst they continue using pesticides and other poisonous stuff on the rest of the piece of land, how Sikkim is on the way to become 100% organic in the next couple of years, etc.

Trust this is the beginning of the organic revolution in the country and people will start adopting an organic lifestyle, before it is late.


Positive energy in food

28 Mar

Positive energy in food.